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Why hello there! First things first, Happy New Year to all you unfortunate ones who actually read the words I write. Just kidding, my words are totally awesome, and you are even more awesome for reading them ?. It's been a whole year since I started my blog and wrote my first post. This time last year I was an eager, newbie blogger ready to break the internet by documenting my completely normal, often mundane absolutely fabulous, newsworthy life. Of course people want to know what I ordered at brunch on Sunday, where I bought those terrific jeans and what I think about people who stand still on the right-hand side of escalators (?), right? It sounded good in theory. It wasn't until I put that stuff in writing (accompanied by a couple of heavily edited Instagram photos) and published online, that I sat back and really questioned the whole blogging thing. I mean, do people really read this shit? Does anyone really care? Fifteen years ago people would jot down their inner-most thoughts in a diary secured under lock-and-key and then stuffed under their mattress so no one could read it. Blogging is basically the same thing, expect we write it all to be published to the world. It's quite narcissistic really, thinking your thoughts and ideas are so awesome that everyone surely wants to read them. So I sat and reflected, and came to the decision that regardless of whether anyone actually cares what I have to say, I'm going to say (and publish) it anyway, because I quite like blogging. There's nothing like the ego boost that comes after hitting 'publish' on the perfectly crafted post and watching the page view stats soar. My Girlfriend Diary could never do that. Hey, maybe I am a bit of a narcissist at heart. And if you consider that the majority of my posts are reviews on places to eat and drink, you could come to the conclusion that I'm basically doing a public service, for free ?. So if I was going to keep blogging this year, I had to make sure I did a better job than last year. I mean, 15 posts for the whole year – abysmal ?. (In my defence, I was finishing off my masters degree last year whilst working full-time, so I'm cutting myself some slack). Also, I hated the way my blog looked; the free WordPress themes are rubbish. To really get serious about this blogging thing I decided to move away from and take my geek status to the next level by creating a self-hosted WordPress site. After 24 hours of pulling my hair out and reading countless help articles on how to migrate to – success! I now have a pretty new design and a suite of new features (which currently I have no idea how to use – baby steps). Let me know what you think of the new look! So what can you expect from me this year? Well, blogging has made me realise that my number one love in life is definitely food and I now proudly identify as a "foodie" (despite the eye-rolls that usually follow). So there will be food. Lots of food. I also still love fashion, so sometimes I'll write about that. But not too much, because I'm supposed to be saving for a wedding. Yup, I'm getting married this year, which is crazy in itself because I actually hate weddings. As a result, you can also expect to hear about the physical pain I am enduring whilst trying to plan one. Actually, I also need to get skinny for the aforementioned wedding, so I'll probably throw in a few health/fitness related posts too. Sometimes, I might even write things that are funny. Other times, I will  try and fail miserably (case in point). Alright, that's it for now because I'm being yelled at strongly coerced to get off the computer so we can go grocery shopping *groan*. (Seriously, is there anyone on this planet who actually enjoys grocery shopping?) Laters.

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  1. Felicity January 11, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    I actually read your blogs and I do love grocery shopping! ?

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