Brunch worth a river-crossing: Little Big Sugar Salt

I don't often venture to North Richmond (Abbotsford). Unless you live there, Victoria Street is really only somewhere you go when you're looking to buy Vietnamese food, heroin or flat-pack furniture. That said, I've recently found another reason worth the painfully slow 78 tram trip up Chapel and Church Street... Brunch! There are few things for which I'll leave the south-side and cross over the Yarra. Friday night drinks in Fitzroy? No deal. A band I like playing at the Northcote Social? Nope. A birthday party in Brunswick? Unlikely. An unverified tip for a killer brunch spot in Collingwood? I'll be there tomorrow. A little while ago a friend told me about a cute little cafe with a ridiculous sounding name serving up a great brunch in the area: Little Big Sugar Salt (LBSS). I went. Here's what I thought... Set inside a charming old Victorian with a few smaller light-filled dining rooms instead of one big noisy one, LBSS is a great place to catch up with friends. You almost feel like you're eating in someone's (very stylish) home. Coffee from Little Big Sugar Salt - Richmond, Melbourne There were no complaints on the beverages front – the coffee was perfection and the chai latte also divine. But it was the food that will have me coming back again and again. The menu is not extensive, but it's clear they have put the effort into making sure every dish is spot on. I had heard the crumpets were excellent, and when the waiter told me they came topped with peanut butter, banana and bacon, well... Shut up and take my money! I was definitely not disappointed. Brunch from Little Big Sugar Salt - Richmond, Melbourne (On a side note, was there ever a dish made with peanut butter that wasn't amazing? Surely not.) My cousin ordered the spiced pumpkin pancakes with coconut yoghurt and despite basically wanting to marry my crumpets, I still had a case of food envy. I'll be back for you, pancakes. Pancakes from Little Big Sugar Salt - Richmond, Melbourne So there you have it – an absolute rave review from me. LBSS gets 5 peanut butter crumpets out of 5.


  1. melbournevita October 29, 2015 / 10:48 pm

    Wow, those peanut butter crumpets look amazing!

  2. Genevieve November 2, 2015 / 10:23 am

    Yum! I am also on the south side and am verrrrry lazy about crossing the river, but LBSS looks worth the trip! Both dishes look amazing, thanks for sharing!

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