Asian street food on Chapel Street

As I promised in my last post, this year I'm going to spend more time writing about all the things I love. One of those things is food. I especially love going out for food – partly because it's fun to get out and try new places, partly because I'm incredibly lazy and not overly talented when it comes to cooking. So last night after a couple of cheeky after-work drinks in the city, I convinced Brad (my other half) to meet me on Chapel Street to go out for dinner and a drink. (That in itself was a small feat because Brad is all for saving money and eating healthy so he usually tries his best to insist we cook and eat at home. Unfortunately for Brad, my aforementioned laziness, love for dining out and my uncanny ability to always get my own way means he often loses out.) So back to my story – last night we went to Laksa Bar for the first time. I walk past it often on my way home from the gym and it always seems to have a good vibe, plus the tag line "Asian street food and beer" sold it to me instantly.
Soft shell crab from Laksa Bar, Chapel Street, Melbourne

Soft shell crab

Prawn & crab spring rolls from Laksa Bar, Chapel Street, Melbourne

Prawn & crab spring rolls

Laksa Bar was pretty damn good. It feels a little more like a casual bar than a restaurant, probably because of the higher tables with stools and because the cricket was showing on the TV. As it was a Friday night and I had already put away a couple of drinks, this all suited me just fine. I perched myself at a table near the window so I had a good view of Chapel Street with it's usual 'colourful' Friday-night crowd and ordered myself a pint of cider (which was only $8 – bargain). The menu at Laksa Bar had plenty of variety with some smaller share-food options; plus, as you may have guessed from the name, Laksa along with other typical Asian rice, noodle and stir-fry dishes (a mix of various Asian cuisines). We opted for some prawn and crab spring rolls, soft-shell crab, chicken satay skewers and a bowl of Laksa to share. The food was all delicious and very reasonably priced. I don't often order Laksa (or any soupy-noodle dishes for that matter) so I don't consider myself a Laksa connoisseur, but it was definitely one of the better ones I've had. Melbourne Ballerina enjoying a bowl of Laksa from Laksa Bar, Chapel Street, MelbourneHere's a photo of me posing awkwardly with my cider and Laksa, not to mention the amazing photo bomb form the girl behind me! I found out later she is 19 and had spent her last $50 on dinner+drinks so would now be broke for the rest of the week. Ahh to be 19 again! I ended up giving her some hair-curling tips and when she told me, "you definitely don't look 28, I thought you were 18", I decided she was my new best friend! Overall it's a thumbs up for Laksa Bar – 3.5 soft-shell crabs out of 5! Laksa Bar 247 Chapel St Prahran, VIC 3181


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    Thanks for the review. I am glad you had a great a time at the Bar Chapel street. I must say the place has some amazing restaurants and bars to enjoy causal dinner and some drinks.

  2. Restaurants on Chapel Street July 27, 2015 / 8:41 pm

    Great to know about your delicacies at Laksa Bar. I must say the restaurants on Chapel Street are simply amazing, as one can find plenty of choices that serve an array of cuisines whether you’re searching for Italian, Thai, French, Mexican or Japanese.

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